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Does life expectancy impact divorce?

Over the decades, life expectancy has been slowly increasing. Though there are times when it declines, the general trend is that people are simply living longer and longer, especially in developed countries. Some have said that this can impact the way that people look...

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What happens to retirement funds in divorce?

Planning for retirement takes decades, and spouses often make joint sacrifices so that they can live comfortably after they retire. Your retirement savings reflects how much money you estimated you would need to support yourself and your spouse while sharing a home....

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How does Indiana determine custody?

One of the more difficult aspects of a divorce is the prospect of having to share custody of the kids. One of the reasons why parents have difficulty coming to terms with this is because they have seen dramatizations of television and in the news in which parents have...

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Why is it important to establish paternity?

Here in Indiana, a mother is automatically understood to be the legal parent of the child born to them. State law doesn't see a man's paternity similarly, though. There's a presumption of paternity when a dad is married to a child's mother at birth. State law doesn't...

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