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Is nesting the best custody option for your children?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Family Law |

If you were asked about your goals when finding a child custody solution during your divorce, would you say that you want to get what you want, prevent your ex from getting what they want, or do what is best for the children?

If you chose the children, you agree with divorce courts, which take the same approach. You are willing to work with your ex to find a solution that puts the kids first. Is nesting that solution?

What is nesting?

If you’ve never heard of nesting, it’s a simple enough arrangement if you and your ex are able to cooperate. Essentially, you declare the home your “nest” and allow your children to live in it all the time, regardless of who has custody. This can help them by limiting the disruption in their lives, making them feel more comfortable, allowing them to stay near friends and/or their school, and basically just making it seem like life isn’t that different after divorce.

You’re likely wondering how you could possibly share custody if the kids never leave the same house, and the solution is that you leave. You and your ex have to share the home. You don’t live there at the same time, but the parent who doesn’t have custody leaves and the parent with custody moves in. When custody switches, so do the living spaces.

Naturally, this can be difficult. Parents need to have another location where they can live when they don’t have custody. They have to be able to get along and essentially share the family home, taking on tasks like upkeep, maintenance, cleaning and all the rest. But, for parents who really want to put the kids first and are dedicated to working together to do it, nesting can be a great option.

Getting started

No matter what you decide to do, it’s critical to understand your legal rights in Indiana as you get started. Be sure you know where you stand and what options you have.