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Many upsides exist after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Some of your friends and relatives continue to stress the downside of your pending divorce. Please. Never mind them as you go through this transition in your life. Think of all the new possibilities that will surface once you become single again.

Politely ignore their advice and embrace the numerous benefits of no longer living with an oppressive, inattentive, stingy or self-centered spouse. This is your time to shine, boost your confidence, become more independent and pursue new activities as well as previous interests you neglected while married to a stick-in-the-mud.

Welcoming back confidence, old friends and happiness

Some of the positive aspects of divorce may include:

  • Your self-confidence improves while gaining a sense of empowerment: Your self-esteem may have taken a hit during your marriage. You questioned your decisions because your emotionally abusive spouse discounted them. Time for you to take control. Trust yourself with every decision you make and gain the independence that temporarily eluded you.
  • You will become a better parent: Your difficult marriage may have zapped your energy and strength as you tried to make the union work. Now that energy and strength will be better focused on your children because you are now taking better care of yourself.
  • Rediscovering friends, interests and hobbies: Catering too much to your spouse’s needs made you neglect your needs. You may have become isolated. Now, it is time to dive into new and old interests, take chances again and get together with longtime friends as well as seek new friends.
  • Say goodbye to financial disputes: Many couples argue about financial matters. Removing your spouse from this scenario may put you at ease, but also give you some apprehension. In time, though, you will overcome this apprehension and make your own financial decisions without having someone second guess you.
  • Reclaiming your happiness: All of these developments may help you welcome back happiness, which may have been missing for some time. Happiness is infectious. Remember that.

Embracing change may feel uncomfortable at first. But understand that positive changes will ultimately help you in your new life.

You will succeed

Expect some challenges during your post-divorce period. It is natural to have doubts. But, once again, you will learn to trust your instincts and judgment. As your mother may have said to you, “Simply put your mind to it, and you will succeed.”